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botão 315 mhz, relógio de pulso classificações


Coaster pager restaurante. Números do hotel. Restaurant, ktv ,cafe shop etc. Balcão sino. Restaurant service button. Digital alarm pager system. Tensile property: Style 1: Call waiter button system. Wireless restaurant waiterElectronic patient call button system. 

433 Mhz Música

Pocsag paginação. Diy buzzer. Wireless calling system for restaurant. Balanço de mesa. K-400 k-o3-br. Sistema nervoso. Show 3 digits and 2 groups calling number one time. K-4-c-red+k-a2-white/green. Power adaptor. Nurse call. Botões breadboardableAjudar botão de chamada. 

Sistema De Chamada Cozinha

K-999 k-302a k-t. Learning code. K-999+k-4-c-usb. Wholesale cliente servidor. Accept logo: For hospital waiter nurse. <20ma. Wireless call button. K-303 k-300plus k-w3-h. Tela de 5 dígitos. K-4-cblue k-p. 1-key: Wireless guest paging system. Channel: Tivdio sistema de chamada sem fio. Electronic oedering system. Kitchen to waiter paging system. Mobile transceivers. M-k-4. 

112 V

Ape9000;ape560. K-999+403. Show 4-digit number and 3 groups calling number one time. Botão de bloqueio à prova d' água. Internet cafe table. Wholesale altavoz. K-300plus-red+k-d3-woodenK-4-c k-p. Modulation mode: Black,blue,red,green. Wireless water bell system. K-300plus+k-o3-b. Sc-r10gx,ape500. 999 call buttons. 88*95mm. Restaurant, cafe, tea house, bar, pub, spa, hospital. Botão monte. 

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Give each of the players a secret agenda they must, under no circumstances, tell the other players about.

Unbeknown to them they all have the same secret agenda, and they are all sneaking off to do exactly the same thing without each other noticing.

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Finn vs Captain Phasma Deleted/Alternate scene (x)

This is such a better death scene for Phasma, what the fuck Rian

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get you a man who can do both

one of my patients came in for an emergency visit, because she snapped the wire on her retainer watching the movie when MBJ took his shirt off she clenched her teeth so fucking hard she snapped it. that is the fucking funniest shit ever to me this tiny 17 year old girl thirsting so goddamn hard she busted steel

Y'all, it gets better. She found out.


We interviewed her, obviously.



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“Fiona had always been shot as a waif – tendrils of hair blowing (dressed in lingerie), out in some sort of lily field. She told me she wanted to chuck that scene and be a warrior woman in a suit of armor.”

– Joe McNally, The Moment It Clicks

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Jaime’s feelings for Brienne / Before & After

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Well I’m a millennial so my retirement plan is societal collapse

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she’s out there making owl noises



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“You either die as Human Torch, or live long enough to see yourself become super badass”


It’s a trial by fire

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A Short List of Shenanigans My Parent’s Dog Has Engaged In:


This is Arwen, she’s a Husky/Kelpie mix and a little Asshole:

  • “I wonder if she can jump?” my dad asks the first five minutes we have her.  She perks up at the word, and clears a six-foot fence form sitting on the ground.
    “Oh.”  Says dad. “Shit.”

    Later that night she got up on the counter and ate three pounds of corned beef in roughtly 68 seconds but this was considered part of the learning curve of having a new dog.

  • I w ake up at 4 AM to the sound of the toilet being flushed repeatedly in the hall bathroom, and assume plumbing is now posessed by angry and wasteful ghosts.  
    I get up to disconnet it and find her in the Bathroom, standing to flush the bowl, then shoving her head in to drink the running water.   I’m not totally awake, so I stand there like an idiot trying to understand this, and my sister gets up to see what the noise is, sees the same thing and also stands there.  Fiance notices my absence and does the same.  
    Mom eventually wakes up and finds us standing around like very confused zombies and almost joins the parade of baffled zombies before shreiking “THE WATER BILL!”
    We got her a circulating water bowl after that.

  • My parent’s don’t have AC, but they haveone of those “fridge on top, pull-out-freezer below” fridges.  Last summer, we were remarking that we might need to shave her so she didn’t get heatstroke, to which she looked up and made a disgusted noise at us.
    …Then got up, used the dishrag to pull open the freezer and climbed on top of the frozen vegetables, stretching out and sighing contentedly.
     “Arwen,” Mom began, but was interrupted by a loud ‘WHAAAaaaaarrr?” from Arwen.
     “Ok you can stay there for now but we’re getting you a kiddie pool so you have to get out when we get back.  Don’t eat anything.”
    She ate a bag of frozen green beans and farted for three days straight.

  • Took her walking along the lake with the long lead so she could sniff things to her hearts content.  She went about shoving her head in the undergrowth, usually coming up with her head covered in leaves and pollen.

    Except for the bush where she came back out with a 7-foot Bull Snake wrapping itself around her ehad and neck, trying it’s best to strangle her before she can eat it.   She immediately ran back to me, the parts of her face not occupied with the snake arranged in a gleeful expression of “Look!  I found Snacks!”

    I screamed, not immediately regognizing that it wasn’t a rattler, and fell, splitting my knee on a rock.  The screaming made her let go of the snake, but I still had to grab her and wrestle the snake off her because it lacked the sense to just scuttle away.  I finaly got it lose from her (Despite her best effort to continue trying to eat it and turned around to fling it off the trail- 

    -And directly into the face of one of my 90-year-old neighbors who’d come out to see what the screaming and profanity was, making her collapse.

    I’m pretty sure being told “I accidentally threw a snake at my neighbor.” was the highlight of that EMT’s day.  Dottie was unharmed but she still doesn’t speak to me.

  • One day, we left her in a Harness and overhead tether in the (at the time) unfanced back yard so she could enjoy some relatively free-range outdoors time.  I walked by the window not a minute later to find her completely GONE, and race out to the yard to find her.  It took me a good heart-pounding five minutes to realize the overhead tether was goign UP into the ancient silver maple and realized that 
    1. Arwen can apparently do something really weird with her shoulders where they pop out sideways, allowing her to bear-hug the tree and 
    2. climb a good 40 feet into the three to fight
    3. A porcupine, which i didn’t even know LIVED out here.

    Fortunately, Porcupines weigh considerably less than Awen and she couldn’t get a good enough foothold to get all the way up to it, but I still had to climb up there and lower her down, barking dog profanities at the porcupine the whole way.

  • My parents recently acquired a mechanized recliner which has been instumental inmom’s hip surgery recovery.  Execpt that Awen Also likes lounging on the furniture, and is more than capable of hitting a large, elder-friendly button with her paw.  So now when she gets back from a walk or the dog park she makes a beeline for the living room, get in the recliner and pushes the button until it’s flat and stretches out in it. 

    My parents didn’t have a problem with this because she gets out of the chair when they ask her (Mom even tells her “Go get my chair ready” in winter because she does a good job pre-warming it), until last winter when Arwen taught my dog Charlie, another devoted couch animal how to do this.

    One afternoon there was a tremendous outburst fo barkign and snarling from the living room and we rished in to find both dogs in the recliner, Charlie on the fully-reclined back and Arwen on the elevated seat and foot rest, bellowing at eachother for control of the recliner, thier movments having pitched it back to it’s two hind feet, the device swaying to and fro like a leather covered boat upon the high seas, a furry mutiny on board.  Neither dog was willing to yeild the plush throne, nor to listen to the humans yelling at them to knock it the hell off, until Arwen tackled the usurper, kocking him off and managing to cantaleiver the recliner clean over, flipping it into the hall, both dogs and all humand miraculously unharmed.

    She still doesn’t let him sit in it.

I love her so much.

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The Black Panther fights for us. And I will be there beside him.

Black Panther (2018) dir. Ryan Coogler

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